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Hi, I'm Johni! 

The running joke among my friends is that I'm the "grandma" of the groupI'd rather cozy up at home with a craft project and a matcha latte than bustle around downtown at night. 


In addition to embodying a certain grandmotherly spirit, I named my business Grandma's Scraps because I made my first projects using my grandma's sewing scraps that I had stashed away in my closet for years. They were just waiting for a chance to be transformed into objects of comfort and safety.

In fact, I hadn't sewn since 2009 when my grandma and I had last worked on a project together. Until starting Grandma's Scraps, I had never sewn without her guiding presence which is why this work is so meaningful to me.

All of my professional endeavors have been in service to others, whether as a childcare provider, a special education paraprofessional, an AmeriCorps academic facilitator or as a mentor for an adult with autism⏤and I see Grandma's Scraps as an extension of this work.

I made my first masks as gifts for friends who were deemed "essential workers" during the initial outbreak. I never expected my pastime to evolve into today's business, but the community showed me a wealth of support and word continued to spread. I committed to use all the extra income toward my education at Washburn University where I am studying to become an occupational therapy practitioner.

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Eventually the volume of orders grew and prompted me to focus full-time on Grandma's Scraps while remaining committed to earning my degree. All profits from my sewing work continues to go towards my books, supplies and tuition.

I'm honored to be of service during these crazy times and extremely grateful to be making a living doing something I love. Thanks for visiting my site and your continued support!