match your hairstyle to your mask with this cute and comfy hair accessory!

choose from group A fabrics

single: $12

eco cleansing pads.JPG

eco facial pads

show your face and the environment some love with these washable facial pads--handy for cleansing with toner or applying skin care products.

100% cotton - variety pack

set of 10 pads: $10

sandwich wraps.JPG

snack wrap

snack in style with this reusable sandwich/snack wrap--100% cotton outer with a food-safe poly lining.

inquire for fabric choices

single: $10


interlabial pads

pair with a fabric menstrual pad to funnel your

flow and increase absorbency--helpful for light incontinence or leakage.

choose two fabrics from group A fabrics

set of 5: $10


buttons + stickers

show grandma some love by sporting 

my logo around town!

button or sticker: $1

fabric baskets.JPG

fabric basket

tidy up with this handy storage container--perfect for your mask stash and so much more! 

inquire for fabric choices

custom sizes: $20-40

eco towels.JPG

eco towels

reduce waste in the kitchen and bathroom with these reusable towels--strong enough for cleaning and soft enough for self care!

100% cotton - variety pack

set of 5 towels: $20

menstrual pads.JPG

menstrual pads

personalize your period with this extra comfy, washable menstrual pad--multi-layered with poly lining and 100% cotton outer for good absorbency and snaps for full coverage.

inquire for fabric choices

single: $15


weighted neck pillow

this U-shaped weighted neck pillow is designed to provide a soothing weight to release tension in your neck and shoulders.

choose from group B fabrics

kiddo: $30

adult: $40